Simplexity Crimewatch: Night ‘n Day robbery update

Yesterday we reported on the extra charges laid against the three men suspected of robbing the Night ‘n Day on Regent St. The two Wereta brothers were supposed to appear in the Dunedin District Court yesterday but were excused. Well Rawiri (28) and Damian (31) attacked a Rimutaka Prison guard. Four guards were involved and two had to go to hospital. It is understood by the Otago Daily Times that at least one sustained a broken jaw. If it wasn’t for the justice we want done for their violent robbery of the store here in Dunedin, we would say leave those two up north and lock them up for a long time. Damian Wereta was already facing new charges of two other aggravated robberies, demanding with menace, possessing firearms and drugs charges. The third man in the robbery, Poutokomanawa Hapi (19), will also face charges of unlawfully raking five vehicles in June and July. At the Night ‘n Day robbery in June an innocent bystander was kicked unconscious.

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