Gaddaffi on the run?

It’s almost over and out with the Leader of the Revolution as the Libyan boss has died or escaped but at least vanished. Moammar Gaddaffi is having a break as heavy fighting has reached his backyard in Tripoli. Various sources report heavy explosions and air defense in the capital. Rebels have fought all over the country against the Mad Dog and his Russian toys. With help from a few NATO airstrikes, the rebels and their cool converted jeeps are taking over the Tripoli’s compounds. He promised us he wasn’t gonna leave the Libyan capital alive or maybe that was just a lie. Al Jazeera and NBC News correspondent Richard Engels gives us all the updates on the Battle of Tripoli. Good to see how quick it can go for a brute dessertrat who killed his citizens and raped them using hired help from abroad. For $3500 a day of course.

Update: Unconfirmed reports say Mad Dog and family are on their way to Algeria.


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