The end of the Battle for Tripoli in sight

A lot of important things happening at the moment. Most of the worlds dictators have spoken again. But we start with the ODT that has published the spending of the DCC on staff bonuses. $254,151 in the 2010-2011 fiscal year ($1.9m since 2001) and no sign of them lowering these costs to make up for the $8m annual budget shortfall. Syrian president Assad has announced elections for February. He also said some changes will take place before then allowing other parties to participate in those elections. February is still far away and a lot can happen (or not) until then. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is visiting Russia. The great leader is in dire need of food and electricity so he is on his knees to the great Red Danger. The latest out of the Libyan dessert can be found on the Sky Livestream or Al Jazeera Liveblog. An interview with Gaddafi on Al Jazeera was cut short as fighting broke out in the Coronels compound. Two or three of his sons (he has quite a few) have been arrested by rebels, but no sign of the wacko dictator. Maybe on a plane to South Africa? Almost the entire capital is free of Gaddafi fighters. Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim has blamed NATO and the rebels for at least 1300 casualties, but forgets to mentions the thousands of celebrating citizens on the cities streets. It has to be the end of the good old Mad Dog.

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  1. Well said and with excellent timing

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