Hurricane Irene kisses eastcoast USofA

Mother nature is taking care of our Jersey Shore problem. If we are stupid enough to watch them then some other force to need spring into action. Even after this light at the end of the tunnel the whole east coast of the USofA is in total panic. The earthquake from last Tuesday was just the beginning. Check the funniest reactions to the earthquake on Ranker. The Yankees are bracing themselves for complete destruction of some of the countries major cities and movement of complete coastlines. In reality it is just a little piss from the heavens. Nothing compared to Katrina. 29 million people live in the path of this godly piss. Will we see footage like this out of the Big Apple? The biggest problem on the eastcoast will probably be looting because of power outages. That crappy electricity system is bound to crap out with a little bit of wind. There are loads of ways to follow the latest updates, like here, here and here. There are live newsreports here, here and here. But of course it is the country of rednecks and stubborn hillbillies who follow Irene in their campervan.


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