Killer mosqs most dangerous

The mosquito is the most deadly non-human animal on earth. The Aussies are afraid of a little insect in kiwi apples, but what they really have to close the floodgates on are these damn bloodsuckers. We don’t want to be too upfront, but mosquitoes should be killed, all of them. These anorexia wasps are bloody annoying and recent figures from the World Health Organisation show they killed 781,000 and infected 225 million people in 2009. Way worse then the few hundred deaths lions and crocodiles are responsible for. That is just ridiculous. We are fighting a war on terror, but what about these terrorists of mankind. Suicide bombers must have been driven to their acts because of that all night buzzing right before you fall asleep. That can turn anyone into a complete psycho. And we don’t want to be racist to the opposite sex, but the killers are the females. They’re the biting ones. Of course it is not the murderous drive they inflame in us that make them the most deadly animal. It is all those damn diseases they carry. Malaria, West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis and worm larvae causing elephantiasis. So we will not rest until the last mosquito has been squashed. Instead of killing or imprisoning Qadaffi we need to hire him to come up with a plan to plunder and destruct all the mosquito villages and torture the survivors for information on their leader. Kill them all. Genocide to the mosqs. We are fed up with your terror.


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