Wikileaks reveals family slaughtering by Yankees

Wednesday the Leaky Heroes released more cables with shocking info out of the sandbox war in Iraq. So all you leftist hippies and other anti-war fanatics pay attention. American troops in Iraq. It hasn’t always gone according to plan. In 2006 a group of US soldiers attacked a house from where, according to the troops, shots had been fired. They entered the house and executed the ten occupants. Good you could say. The country just got a bit safer. Lets see who was inside, grandma of 74, three women, five kids (two of 5 years, two of 3 years and one of 5 months old). Ok and 28-year-old Mr. Faiz Hratt Khalaf. The cable in which this incident was reported was a letter from the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary  executions, Philip Alston. He goes on describing how autopsies revealed the execution style murders while the victims were handcuffed. To top it all off the US Airforce then bombed the house to pieces. Alston requested information on the accuracy of the accounts and on what law or treaty the actions were justified by. The official story first was that the house collapsed by itself after a firefight and that an al-Qaida suspect was arrested at the scene. A case of oops, can happen. Accidental wipe out of a family. How accidental is handcuffing all of the family members, including the women and children, and then letting them meet Allah by splashing their brain over the walls. The official cover-up is now complete with the American military officials in Iraq saying the accounts of townspeople who witnessed the events were highly unlikely to be true, and the incident didn’t warrant further investigation. War crimes has been a popular theme lately. Maybe some day we will see Bush and Cheney on the list with MiloševićMladićTaylor, Göring and Gaddafi at the International Criminal Court.


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