Chinese to play ping pong with asteroids

We know China is heading towards world domination. We know they don’t care about the rest of the world. But does all this mean that the Chinese can play around in our solar system. The yellow nerds are planning on grabbing a few asteroids in the orbit of the earth and then give them a good push so they get to circle the world. If only that will work. If not Japan will have to brace themselves for another big tsunami, Christchurch will start to shake again and best of all it will be the West that can clean up the pieces of stone. Destruction of humanity. All because the Chinese also want to make their mark on space. It’s the geniuses Hexi Baoyin Foe Yong Hai , Yang Chen Tjaptjoi en Junfeng Li Goreng from the Tsinghua Universiteit in Beijing who have come up with this plan. If it’s up to them the first space rock to get a nudge is 2008EA9. All we can do is hope they know what they’re doing and that they don’t rearrange our whole planetary system.


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