Talented New Zealanders free to molest their daughters

Disgraceful. Unbelievable. Disgusting precedent. Injustice system. Obviously bollocks. Just a few reactions to the discharge without conviction of a well known TV (Comedian) performer. His name has been suppressed because that is the way the current justice system rolls. We will not reveal any of the suggestions going online until we can be certain of the offender. We do have one name. Philippa Cunningham. That is the dumb ass Auckland District Court judge who ruled on the case. The offender pleaded guilty and explained he was drunk and thought he was engaging in sexual acts with his partner and not his 4-year-old daughter. Clearly a case for discharge without conviction. Judge please explain: the comedian and entertainer had already paid a high price with the loss of his family and career, and the case was unusual. “And his talent – he’s a talented New Zealander. He makes people laugh, and laughter’s an incredible medicine that we all need a lot of”. And also no voluntary community work just so this pervert can get back to entertaining people as soon as possible. What the hell? Well this is a clear message to all you talented people out there. No worries. You’re free to perform even the most despicable act of sexually assaulting a child. So much for equality in the eyes of the law.


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