Sheep commit mass suicide

At some point you can just be done with it. Time to pull the plug. Life has nothing to offer and neither do you. The only solution is headbudding a train, grabbing the butchers knife from the kitchen or finally learning a sailor’s knot. But the road of suicide can be a lonely one. And since suicide is merely a call for help the current generation self-murderers call out on Facebook. And since nobody has an own opinion and youths have turned into sheep, the result is mass teen suicide. Welcome to Wairarapa. Three teenagers from Masterton and one from Pahiatua have died in the region since June. Teens arrange their suicide pacts on social media. The police ‘are discouraging young people from jumping on the bandwagon’. Yeah of course you need to jump in front of it to have any effect. According to the Wairarapa DHB suicide preventer Barry Taylor to the NZ Herald ‘there has been some kind of a glorification of the deaths by some people’. This calls for wristbands, presentations and T-shirts. Luckily the Makoura College pupils have already started to spread positive messages. It’s a sad fact how easy it is to get others to tag along in crazy ideas. That’s how Justin Bieber got popular, why everyone is angry about the price of milk and it can be that extra push some youngsters need to take their own life.


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