Police see no reason to apologize

We would like to take you back to Monday, 15 October 2007, the Ruatoki Valley in the eastern Bay of Plenty. Around 300 police, including AOS and anti-terror squads, raided an alleged paramilitary training camp. 17 people were arrested and 16 of them were charged with firearms offenses. This of course because a total of 4 guns and 230 rounds of ammo were found. Operation 8. A lot of controversy followed and the police were accused of fabricating evidence and information being leaked. All in all the cases went from High Court to the Court of Appeal and last week the Supreme Court wiped most of the evidence off the table. Judging that they were inadmissible in court. Leaves four individuals still facing charges. Now of course it’s the ‘wrongly’ accused that are speaking up. We want justice. We want apologies. And if you don’t mind we would like a big fat check to go with it. Today Police Commissioner Peter Marshall followed John Keys example and replied giving those whinny babies the finger. No apologies and the police actions were rightfully undertaken. Own fault if you live like a hippie in the Urewera mountains and give people to believe you’re planning an IRA style war on New Zealand. We’ll have none of that.


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