Mom victim of MP Tau Henare road rage

Politics. A dangerous arena to act in. Another dangerous space is the Auckland traffic jungle. Packed with rushing mums on their way to cook dinner and public servants stressed out over …. What can they be so stressed about? National is heading to a new win in the next elections so what is wrong with a certain National MP? It must be the 14 places he dropped on their general election party list. The story is that National MP Tau Henare went berserk towards a mom driving with her 12-year-old daughter along Ash St in Avondale around 10.30am on Thursday. Cicelia Holliday was driving when a car suddenly cut in front of her without indicating. Seeing as politicians are known for changing direction without a moments notice this isn’t that strange behaviour. Holliday responded with a blare of her horn to acknowledge the near miss. The MP then stuck his hand out the driver’s window and gave her the finger. He followed that up with giving her the finger once again through the rear window. When both parties stopped next to each other at a red light Henare started shouting to Holliday including a statement he was not planning on stopping and letting about 10 cars go past. An outstanding performance from our people’s representative. Henare was driving a red Audi stationwagon with his picture and National party logo. If only all road rage drivers gave us their name and picture. Holliday has complained to the police and PM Key. No official reaction out of the party yet and also Henare wasn’t very talkative when asked, ‘I’ll just leave it’. Maybe we have to stop next to him at a traffic light to get a stronger reaction.


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  1. Actually, a few things that have not come out in the media from my letter:
    1. I was bringing my daughter back from an interview at Avondale College for next year’s enrolment (the reason she was not at school). Here the deputy principal had just spoken to her about the policy the college has about respect for others, respect for property and respect for self.
    2. I was driving a very old, beat up Nissan van (that I work very hard on a full time basis to keep on the road).
    3. I do believe that people in leadership (like parents and politicians) are in positions of service to the people they lead, and should also set good examples.
    4. I simply filled in a form that the police supply to the general public when one notices someone driving badly. They then send a courteous letter to that driver.
    5. I felt Mr Key should know about the poor behaviour of the person he has chosen to represent his party in the Te Atatu area.
    6. I wanted to let everyone know that the people of NZ are upstanding citizens who deserve better treatment from elected politicians.

    Finally, I do apologies for tooting my horn, that was wrong

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