Another day after, ten years on

The festivities have ended. New York, America and the world return to their daily lives again. The Eagles lost their first game against Ireland in the Rugby World Cup. News channels around the world orgasmed repeatedly over memorial services with Obama speeching behind bullet proof glass, dramatic documentaries, sad picture collages, burning American flags in Londonistan and all the new 9/11 conspiracy theories. How could a Saudi family have contact with the terrorist mastermind Mohammed Atta and then disappear two weeks before the attacks? The Miami Herald investigated. What about the revelation ten years after the fact that an amateur artist predicted the attacks 13 years before it happened. That is what Willie Gardner’s daughter wants us to believe. Will we ever know the truth and inside outs of the whole story? But who cares. Undoubtedly we will remember this day ten years from now, but who is to say it will not have been overshadowed by a new horrible incident. Then we will look back at this day just like we do Pearl Harbour, in history books.

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