Road rage saga continues

The players in an Auckland road rage incident have spoken. Recap HERE. John key still hasn’t come up with a decent reply, but the National MP in question, Tau Henare, has spoken out. He seems to go for the insanity defense. Not his own insanity, but that of the ‘victim’, Cicelia Holliday. Henare claims he changed lanes and did indicate while doing so. After Holliday honked he threw his hands in the air and not give her the finger. And at the traffic light he was merely asking her ‘What happened to common courtesy?’. All very innocent. Stand up representative you could say. Holliday has also clarified a few things, see her comment under HERE or HERE. She ends with an apology about tooting her horn. Holliday is seen by some as a serial whinger and Henare can be seen as a serial Twitter misfit. Follow his new antics on his Twitter or Facebook. Either way it isn’t great publicity for someone very much wanting to climb back up the political ladder. And like miss Holliday said, ‘the people of NZ are upstanding citizens who deserve better treatment from elected politicians’ and ‘people in leadership (like parents and politicians) are in positions of service to the people they lead, and should also set good examples’.


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