Surprise! Gov’t money not spent correctly

A shocker in The Press today. It seems that money reserved by the Government for a Maori and Pacific Islander family wellbeing plan is not really going to the people who it’s intended for. That is something new. Never heard anything like this before. Normally all the money we pay in taxes and the Government hands out to ridiculous community plans always get spent correctly. The Canterbury Health Board has criticized the spending of the Whanau Ora initiative. This magical concept is to provide wellbeing services to Maori and Pacific Island families throughout the country. Help them quit smoking for instance. In a report presented to a health board community and public health advisory committee it was revealed that from the allocated $1.3 million only $50,000 was spent directly helping whanau. That is not even 4%. The article doesn’t give a good answer to where the money is going. Bureaucracy, management and advisors? So what is the latest on ways the Government is preventing further money squandering? Yes Whanau Ora Minister Tariana Turia? “This further investment in Whanau Ora will ensure nationwide coverage during the next two years and represents a significant investment in the future of whanau from a Government that is prepared to be bold and innovative”. Further investment? Miss Turia announced in May this year that an additional $30 million will be invested in the project over the next four years, including $11.25 million this year. Oh yes the country is going bankrupt.

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