Dutch politician comes with personal manifest

He is idolized in the Netherlands, well-known in Europe and even America has been introduced to his views about the danger the Islam poses. Geert Wilders is the high blond leader of the right wing PVV party. It is an American publicist who will be the first to publish the English written book. MARKED FOR DEATH: Islam’s War against the West and Me. That’s the title of this new bestseller to replace Anders Breivik’s manifest from history. He explains how he has had to hide in safehouses and behind bookcases, constantly surrounded by bodyguards and has had to trade in his Audi TT for an enforced  BMW. Oh how he wishes to go on a normal holiday to the Spanish coast to enjoy sun, sea and hot chick. Instead he is forced to secret luxury retreat on lonesome self. He has even been blamed for Breivik’s killing spree in Norway. All this because he made a little movie in which he criticizes the Koran and he preaches about the extremes of the Islam. He did get voted on by 1,5 million Dutch and now has a seat in parliament. Since then he has been constantly threatened and attacked by left wing nutcases and other death threat enthusiasts. Publicists have gathered at the worlds biggest bookfair in Frankfurt to bid on the books rights. Wonder if it will make to this side of the world and if it will bring as much controversy as the Macsyna King book.


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