Life coach for toxic workplace

Toxic. That is what a staff member of the Dunedin Public Library said to the ODT about their work environment. Bullying like a bunch of little schoolkids. Is it normal for any school to have a teacher or maybe a principal take care of this, at the DCC they hire a life coach. And like any council this business and life coach, Sally Angus, came at a good price, $60,000. More even then the council’s cost of the big black dildo in the Octagon. Maybe a dildo for all the council staff will ease some frustrations and lower bullying. The ODT revealed miss Angus ‘had been paid $60,469 since 2004 for a series of training, coaching and team-building exercises within the council’s library services department’. According to council human resources manager Bruce Miller bullying is not widespread in the council and the life coach was not at the library specifically to counter the problems, but merely to review team effectiveness. This review, carried out earlier this year, alone cost the taxpayer $17,595. The ODT pressed on at the address of mr Miller but got this responds: “It’s really not a significant issue and I’ve got real work to do”. That what residents have always said. There is real work to be done by council, start doing it.


Blogging a dangerous profession

In a country where drug cartels run everything from the streets to the government and control the people by fear, the internet was the last safe haven to voice your worries and concerns. Above you can see what the Mexican drug lords do to you if you blog about the bloody and sick drugwars going on around the Mexican and USA border. Gangs like Los Zetas don’t like it. So time for days of torture, limbs chopped off and then hung on a bring for all to see. Message received. But if there is one thing we have learned over the years it is that the online generation does not let itself get silenced. They will continue to expose criminal activity, if it’s the practices around drug trafficking or ridiculous acting politicians back in our own land. We wish all the best to and all others. Continue, the fight must go on.

Dutch politician comes with personal manifest

He is idolized in the Netherlands, well-known in Europe and even America has been introduced to his views about the danger the Islam poses. Geert Wilders is the high blond leader of the right wing PVV party. It is an American publicist who will be the first to publish the English written book. MARKED FOR DEATH: Islam’s War against the West and Me. That’s the title of this new bestseller to replace Anders Breivik’s manifest from history. He explains how he has had to hide in safehouses and behind bookcases, constantly surrounded by bodyguards and has had to trade in his Audi TT for an enforced  BMW. Oh how he wishes to go on a normal holiday to the Spanish coast to enjoy sun, sea and hot chick. Instead he is forced to secret luxury retreat on lonesome self. He has even been blamed for Breivik’s killing spree in Norway. All this because he made a little movie in which he criticizes the Koran and he preaches about the extremes of the Islam. He did get voted on by 1,5 million Dutch and now has a seat in parliament. Since then he has been constantly threatened and attacked by left wing nutcases and other death threat enthusiasts. Publicists have gathered at the worlds biggest bookfair in Frankfurt to bid on the books rights. Wonder if it will make to this side of the world and if it will bring as much controversy as the Macsyna King book.

Microsoft comes up with something original?

Mac is about to suck big time. Windows 8 is going to take over again. ‘Random Access Fails’ a thing of the past. More secure, more stable and most of all the interface is no longer a MacOS rip off. It is even supposed to work great with touchscreens on mobile devices. So Microsoft introduced the world to the new Windows 8 at their annual Build conference in Anaheim, California on Tuesday. A perfect demonstration? No, it FAILED. Of course that is normal with software in its early stage of development. Microsoft has a perfect track record so nothing to worry about. Why Windows 8 will fail, not fail and inside its new features.

Police solve reckless driving with a coffee

South Dunedin has turned into a haven for empty headed asocials with their tuned up skylines to break as many road rules as possible. Locals have complained about the noise, speed, bottle throwing and abusive language. Of course the complaints go unanswered by the boys disturbing the peace of residents. It is said that elderly don’t dare to complain, afraid of being targeted. Luckily now the police are responding. “It is something we are fully aware of, and we intend to do something about”. Police are launching an initiative to bring communities and boy racers together. Oh great they get a cup of coffee and a biscuit for their reckless behaviour. We just see that every report of a boy racer folding his car around a tree makes our streets that much safer. Some cool crash pics HERE.

Greece/Europe/World doomed

There is no hope. No way to avoid it. Just close your eyes and get hit by the downward force of the world’s economy. Sure the US got saved just in time, but that country full of feta, tzatziki and ouzo won’t be so lucky. Many rescue plans have been passed, but none effective. The Greek bankruptcy is inevitable. European banks and governments are in crisis trying to grab a hold on the situation and making sure we don’t get even more panic. The financial world will now be looking at the next domino blocks (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland). Business Insider has a nice list of which countries are screwed by this bankruptcy. The signs of the domino effect are already visible. Little Greek isle of Crete was hit by a Magnitude 5 earthquake.

Surprise! Gov’t money not spent correctly

A shocker in The Press today. It seems that money reserved by the Government for a Maori and Pacific Islander family wellbeing plan is not really going to the people who it’s intended for. That is something new. Never heard anything like this before. Normally all the money we pay in taxes and the Government hands out to ridiculous community plans always get spent correctly. The Canterbury Health Board has criticized the spending of the Whanau Ora initiative. This magical concept is to provide wellbeing services to Maori and Pacific Island families throughout the country. Help them quit smoking for instance. In a report presented to a health board community and public health advisory committee it was revealed that from the allocated $1.3 million only $50,000 was spent directly helping whanau. That is not even 4%. The article doesn’t give a good answer to where the money is going. Bureaucracy, management and advisors? So what is the latest on ways the Government is preventing further money squandering? Yes Whanau Ora Minister Tariana Turia? “This further investment in Whanau Ora will ensure nationwide coverage during the next two years and represents a significant investment in the future of whanau from a Government that is prepared to be bold and innovative”. Further investment? Miss Turia announced in May this year that an additional $30 million will be invested in the project over the next four years, including $11.25 million this year. Oh yes the country is going bankrupt.

Road rage saga continues

The players in an Auckland road rage incident have spoken. Recap HERE. John key still hasn’t come up with a decent reply, but the National MP in question, Tau Henare, has spoken out. He seems to go for the insanity defense. Not his own insanity, but that of the ‘victim’, Cicelia Holliday. Henare claims he changed lanes and did indicate while doing so. After Holliday honked he threw his hands in the air and not give her the finger. And at the traffic light he was merely asking her ‘What happened to common courtesy?’. All very innocent. Stand up representative you could say. Holliday has also clarified a few things, see her comment under HERE or HERE. She ends with an apology about tooting her horn. Holliday is seen by some as a serial whinger and Henare can be seen as a serial Twitter misfit. Follow his new antics on his Twitter or Facebook. Either way it isn’t great publicity for someone very much wanting to climb back up the political ladder. And like miss Holliday said, ‘the people of NZ are upstanding citizens who deserve better treatment from elected politicians’ and ‘people in leadership (like parents and politicians) are in positions of service to the people they lead, and should also set good examples’.

PETA does it again

We all want to support animal rights groups, but its just hard when they’re represented by hairy, hippie, Green Party voters. But when those sweet bunny ears and sad puppy eyes are flanked by hot, naked girls it makes it that much easier to empty your piggy bank and give them a buck or two. Nudity works in advertising and so animal terrorist group PETA have used naked celebs in their ads for years. It is up to decide if this is the way to go. Remember, terror = bad, but nude = good. Tough choice, can you support the Slutwalk and animal rights? We can and so after Alicia Silverstone we now give you Elisabetta Canalis. Yes the ex of George Clooney in the new PETA ad. Rather naked than wear fur. We agree.

Another day after, ten years on

The festivities have ended. New York, America and the world return to their daily lives again. The Eagles lost their first game against Ireland in the Rugby World Cup. News channels around the world orgasmed repeatedly over memorial services with Obama speeching behind bullet proof glass, dramatic documentaries, sad picture collages, burning American flags in Londonistan and all the new 9/11 conspiracy theories. How could a Saudi family have contact with the terrorist mastermind Mohammed Atta and then disappear two weeks before the attacks? The Miami Herald investigated. What about the revelation ten years after the fact that an amateur artist predicted the attacks 13 years before it happened. That is what Willie Gardner’s daughter wants us to believe. Will we ever know the truth and inside outs of the whole story? But who cares. Undoubtedly we will remember this day ten years from now, but who is to say it will not have been overshadowed by a new horrible incident. Then we will look back at this day just like we do Pearl Harbour, in history books.

In superstition we trust

He’s an outspoken atheist and a veteran stand-up comedian. He’s posted many video online including ‘Welcome to Saudi Britain’ and ‘Godless and free’. Both were banned from Youtube after protests but after even bigger outcry they got re-instated. His latest rant is a reaction to a Gallup poll revealing that 3 in 10 Americans take the bible literally. Come on in Pat Condell and tell us what you think.

Real Sports! The Rugby World Cup 2011

Soccer is for pussies. Tennis is for Russian girls. And cricket belongs on the Asian continent. No real men play rugby. And if they can’t make in the black jersey they watch this manly sport. You understand we are not talking about the kiddy sport American football what those wussies play over in the States. The World Cup is going off tonight and will last for almost 2 months. That’s not because there are so many countries but because half of the teams need medical attention and doctors rest after every game. The All Blacks kick off at 8.30pm against Tonga in the opening match on their way to dethrone the Springboks. The English fans are on their way to Dunedin to try and rid the town of that nasty liquid called alcohol. But unlike with the football it hardly turns into trouble. Their opening is against Argentina at Otago Stadium. Furniture might be banned from the World Cup stadiums, but grab a scrumpy and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Kick the wife next door to play with the neighbourhood kids. The opening game is live on Sky and on TVOne, MaoriTV and Te Reo. Go All Blacks!

Update: A powerful New Zealand kicked off Rugby World Cup 2011 by smashing Pool A opponents Tonga, 41-10.

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