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War coming to Dunedin streets

They have never really liked each other. Mongrel Mob and Black Power. Violence is often their way of dealing with disputes. Block off the Pine Hill area of Dunedin, better have the AOS on constant stand-by, call back our Special Forces from Afghanistan. We will on need them to control these party groups from getting into things even more. A gang shooting between these two groups has one man in hospital with a gun shot wound to the arm. Members of the Mongrel Mob and Black Power started fighting in Allenby Avenue. The victim is a 43-year-old man. Isn’t that supposed be an age when a man is grown up and wise. Let your little boy traits go and see how lame it is to be proud of a patch. Dunedin police are looking for the man above for involvement in the shooting where possibly several shots were fired from a hand gun or .22 rifle. The hero is 19-year-old Dylan Jordan Hill. Hill is described as being of medium build with black hair, and approximately 174cm tall. He has a distinctive bull-dog tattoo on the left side of his face. There is a warrant out for his arrest. As you will understand from the situation Hill has a bit of a temper and should not be approached. Eight people are already arrested and they will appear in the Dunedin District Court. Channel9.


Life coach for toxic workplace

Toxic. That is what a staff member of the Dunedin Public Library said to the ODT about their work environment. Bullying like a bunch of little schoolkids. Is it normal for any school to have a teacher or maybe a principal take care of this, at the DCC they hire a life coach. And like any council this business and life coach, Sally Angus, came at a good price, $60,000. More even then the council’s cost of the big black dildo in the Octagon. Maybe a dildo for all the council staff will ease some frustrations and lower bullying. The ODT revealed miss Angus ‘had been paid $60,469 since 2004 for a series of training, coaching and team-building exercises within the council’s library services department’. According to council human resources manager Bruce Miller bullying is not widespread in the council and the life coach was not at the library specifically to counter the problems, but merely to review team effectiveness. This review, carried out earlier this year, alone cost the taxpayer $17,595. The ODT pressed on at the address of mr Miller but got this responds: “It’s really not a significant issue and I’ve got real work to do”. That what residents have always said. There is real work to be done by council, start doing it.

Real Sports! The Rugby World Cup 2011

Soccer is for pussies. Tennis is for Russian girls. And cricket belongs on the Asian continent. No real men play rugby. And if they can’t make in the black jersey they watch this manly sport. You understand we are not talking about the kiddy sport American football what those wussies play over in the States. The World Cup is going off tonight and will last for almost 2 months. That’s not because there are so many countries but because half of the teams need medical attention and doctors rest after every game. The All Blacks kick off at 8.30pm against Tonga in the opening match on their way to dethrone the Springboks. The English fans are on their way to Dunedin to try and rid the town of that nasty liquid called alcohol. But unlike with the football it hardly turns into trouble. Their opening is against Argentina at Otago Stadium. Furniture might be banned from the World Cup stadiums, but grab a scrumpy and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Kick the wife next door to play with the neighbourhood kids. The opening game is live on Sky and on TVOne, MaoriTV and Te Reo. Go All Blacks!

Update: A powerful New Zealand kicked off Rugby World Cup 2011 by smashing Pool A opponents Tonga, 41-10.

Simplexity Crimewatch: Night ‘n Day robbery update

Yesterday we reported on the extra charges laid against the three men suspected of robbing the Night ‘n Day on Regent St. The two Wereta brothers were supposed to appear in the Dunedin District Court yesterday but were excused. Well Rawiri (28) and Damian (31) attacked a Rimutaka Prison guard. Four guards were involved and two had to go to hospital. It is understood by the Otago Daily Times that at least one sustained a broken jaw. If it wasn’t for the justice we want done for their violent robbery of the store here in Dunedin, we would say leave those two up north and lock them up for a long time. Damian Wereta was already facing new charges of two other aggravated robberies, demanding with menace, possessing firearms and drugs charges. The third man in the robbery, Poutokomanawa Hapi (19), will also face charges of unlawfully raking five vehicles in June and July. At the Night ‘n Day robbery in June an innocent bystander was kicked unconscious.

Three Night ‘n Day robbers get charges added

At the beginning of this month we saw the arrest of three men over the violent armed robbery of the Regent St Night ‘n Day in June. Yay for the cops. They searched five homes linked to local Black Power gang members in Dunedin. Two men were arrested in Palmerston North, the Wereta brothers, Damian Karl and Rawiri David. The brothers were remanded in custody and the third Dunedin man was remanded on bail. The charges to these assets to society include aggravated robbery, demanding with menace, unlawfully taking motor vehicles and possession of firearms and drug charges. We will see them again at Dunedin District Court on September 2.

Help the DCC loose some weight

Participation topic! As you know the Dunedin City Council is having to tighten its belt because of a $8 million hole in the annual budget from next year. Take a minute to absorb the following story and come up with your own input. The drop in dividends come from the Dunedin City Holdings Ltd ($5m) and the Dunedin Venues Management Ltd ($3m). Earnings are lower than the costs. Pretty straight forward. We also have an ambitious council looking at a list of projects to stop or delay, like the Otago Settlers Museum and Dunedin Centre/Town Hall upgrades and the redevelopment of Logan Park. Another idea is more loans or longer payback periods. Normally you can talk about it for an evening and then start crossing out projects or unnecessary staff. But we are talking about a council here and that means we will need an expensive external assessor to look at possible capital spending savings , we need a new consultative procedure and at least three weeks. We do like the public consultation idea put forth by Mr Stephens. The council does seem to need our help. It’s hard to not spend more than you earn. Maybe stop with contributions to bottomless pit projects. We should just let the local deli owner do his thing on the back of the cross puzzle. That will undoubtedly bring forth way more efficient plans and will definitely be way cheaper. If you have any idea where we can trim off some fat let us or the council know. We have Greece, Italy, Spain and France to show us what happens when we don’t.

They need your help

We are always up for some social solidarity. Especially when it comes to the animals. We took a look at the cover of the DScene today and were greeted by the two most adorable kittens. It wasn’t about the cute kitties of course. The Otago SPCA in Opoho, Dunedin is running very low on food supplies for it’s 200 animals at the shelter. The SPCA has adopted a Saving Lives philosophy by no longer putting unclaimed pets to sleep. Now it’s your turn to adopt a cat/dog philosophy. Of course just donating a can of food at your local supermarket every once in a while can help a lot too. Do your bit and we’ll do ours.

Dunedin sluts unite

Saturday 13th August 2011 will see Dunedin’s very own Slutwalk. Women, men, children of all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and gender identities will show how we love sluts and will be marching from the Otago Museum down George St. to the Octagon from 12.00pm. Come all, because we can only lose our inhibitions in a group. Oh how free we are. The OUSA Welfare Officer, Shonelle Eastwood, had some time too look away from the budget problems and stated: “I am proud to support the Dunedin Slut Walk. One out of four University aged women have been sexually assaulted or raped”. And the correct statement: “people don’t get raped because of what they wear, it’s as simple as that”. Fact from OUSA press release, less than 4% of perpetrators remember what their victims were wearing. We love good causes. So boobs & butts take over central Dunedin this Saturday. Get those camera’s rolling.

BUSTED! Night ‘n Day robbers

Some real police action in Dunedin and Palmerston North. Three men have been arrested in relation to the violent robbery of the Night ‘n Day on Regent Street, Dunedin. The pic above is of Damian Karl Wereta, born in 1980. We remember him from a drive-by shooting in 2010, stabbing of a 17-year-old in 1997 and a list of robberies, burglaries, theft and assault. More background from Sensible Sentencing. He has also managed to escape custody. Of course his best friends consist of Black Power members. Wereta was arrested in Palmerston North. The names of a 19-year-old male to appear in the Dunedin District Court and a 29-year-old male to appear in the Palmerston North District Court, have not been released yet.

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