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Ultimate diving machine

It looks like something you would make fun of your neighbor for if he had it on the back of his trailer. Your wife would ask you what pretentious man-child buys a boat shaped like a shark. If you knew what it could do, you would be that man. She will change her tune ones she sees you at the lake and watched you pulling 80km/h barrel rolls, then diving under the surface and launching the thing 3.6 meters into the air like some sort of evil mechanical dolphin. That should get her juices flowing. And yours. We got Seabreacher J, Y and X. 155, 255 or 250 supercharged horsepower. These mean machines are designed by the kiwi’s Rob Innes and Dan Piazza from Innespace Productions. Your order will be custom made and will set you back at least NZ$110,000 . Small price to pay to reclaim your youth. So far Kiwisimplexity promotions.

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