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MISSING – Family desperate for news about missing man

David Hill

Police press release, September 21, 2011, 10:27 am

The family of a man missing for more than a week are desperate for information that might help find him. David Hill, 35, from Whanganui, has been missing since last Tuesday (13 September) and although Police do not believe his disappearance is suspicious, they are growing increasingly concerned for his welfare. David is married with three children aged 10, six and one. It is believed he left his home in Castlecliff with his mountain bike on early Tuesday afternoon and no-one has seen or heard from him since. Police have made various enquiries and carried out searches in the area where he was last seen. Family have also organised aerial searches of the Whanganui area and friends have rallied round to help find David. Senior Sergeant Lance Kennedy said: “The difficulty we face is not having a specific area to focus on as we have received no confirmed sightings of David. Our only starting point has been the immediate area where he lives; beyond that we just don’t know where he headed. We do hold grave fears for his safety but we’re not looking for anyone else in connection with his disappearance.” David’s father Vern Hill said: “We’re desperate for information, it’s a very worrying time, sleepless nights; we just need one lead. It’s sleepless nights that get you, you wake up every five minutes and it’s there again. He would always keep in touch with us. He absolutely adores his kids.” Mr Hill says that he son has suffered some depression in the past but it is not known if that has led to his disappearance, or whether he has gone for a ride and had an accident. Mr Hill is described as Caucasian, of slim/athletic build, 189cm tall with short blond hair. It is believed he would have been wearing a blue polo shirt, black parka, a dark cycle helmet and carrying a small black backpack when he went missing. His Milazo mountain bike is half yellow at the front and half black at the back. Anyone with information about David Hill or his whereabouts is asked to contact Whanganui Police on 06 349 0600.


Crashes cost Otago $219.5m

The newest roaddeadies are in. Well the figures to road related deaths. Check them out for your own region HERE, courtesy of NZTA. Looking at Otago the numbers are down. Fewer crashes and fewer deaths and injured compared to 2009.  2071 crashes with 692 of those causing injury. 19 people got their name published in the paper under the obituaries. Most accidents happen on rural roads and unfortunately some risk groups cause more death and destruction on the roads then others. Like we all knew it’s the young drivers who are most at fault. Pimped up cars don’t seem to increase road safety. So our know cannon meat is mostly introduced to trees on the side of the road because of poor handling of vehicles and horrible judgement, including not checking properly. Surprisingly contrary to what the police want us to believe alcohol was only a great concern among the Central Otago region. Speeding was also only mentioned as a big cause of crashes in one region, Clutha. Clutha was also the only region which saw the total number of crashes increase compared to 2009. How much does all this bumping uglies on the road coast us? The ODT has a calculation that the estimated social costs including loss of life or quality of life, lowered output due to injuries, medical and rehabilitation costs, legal and court costs, and property damage amount to a total of $219.5 millions for the Otago region. What to do? What to do indeed. Studies have shown that the removal of traffic signs can provide a great improvement in road safety. No signage or striping gives the idea of chaos. But that is just what we need, because chaos = cooperation. Cooperation = less accidents.

Police solve reckless driving with a coffee

South Dunedin has turned into a haven for empty headed asocials with their tuned up skylines to break as many road rules as possible. Locals have complained about the noise, speed, bottle throwing and abusive language. Of course the complaints go unanswered by the boys disturbing the peace of residents. It is said that elderly don’t dare to complain, afraid of being targeted. Luckily now the police are responding. “It is something we are fully aware of, and we intend to do something about”. Police are launching an initiative to bring communities and boy racers together. Oh great they get a cup of coffee and a biscuit for their reckless behaviour. We just see that every report of a boy racer folding his car around a tree makes our streets that much safer. Some cool crash pics HERE.

Cool! Robbing disabled 71-year-old

Good morning New Zealand. It is Sunday and time for another sad story. Sorry, but it seems this is what the world has come to. 71-year-old amputee robbed of mobility scooter and $1400 in cash by a group of four girls in their late teens. You girls get your asses to the Waikato Police. The Hamilton pensioner explained that one of the girls befriended him a while ago and started doing odd jobs around his house. She said she had been kicked out of her home. She started bringing friends around and the vulnerable member of society paid for lunches etc. The girls gained the man’s pin number by looking over his shoulder at a checkout and stole his eftpos card later on. They then took $1400 from his cheque account last Friday. Oh and they found the need to take his mobility scooter which has since been recovered. Police are currently investigation several people who live in close proximity to the victim. We just want to ask them, where is the honour in stealing from an old man who only showed goodwill?

All Blacks faster on the road than on the field

Conrad Smith, Adam Thomson and Andy Ellis were caught speeding today. They were running late on their way to a promotional session with fans in Stratford when police caught them on State Highway 3 at 10.45am. None of the players themselves were driving, but police said they don’t tolerate speeding no matter who is driving or in the car.

BUSTED! Night ‘n Day robbers

Some real police action in Dunedin and Palmerston North. Three men have been arrested in relation to the violent robbery of the Night ‘n Day on Regent Street, Dunedin. The pic above is of Damian Karl Wereta, born in 1980. We remember him from a drive-by shooting in 2010, stabbing of a 17-year-old in 1997 and a list of robberies, burglaries, theft and assault. More background from Sensible Sentencing. He has also managed to escape custody. Of course his best friends consist of Black Power members. Wereta was arrested in Palmerston North. The names of a 19-year-old male to appear in the Dunedin District Court and a 29-year-old male to appear in the Palmerston North District Court, have not been released yet.

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