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Oktoberfest! Toll!

One of the best parties of the year. Who doesn’t wanna join thousands of fat stinky Germans on endless rows of benches while guzzling down beer mug after beer mug at 20 euros a piece. Sounds great doesn’t it. THIS is what it looked like last year. There is even an official website to this booze fest. Luckily there is also a website that collects the dark, back, secret side of the Oktoberfest. Sweet peeing girls, passed out binge drinkers, wet pants, fights, cleavages of all kinds and people having sex in open fields. Have fun everyone there. And everyone who hasn’t been put off by these pics and is still planning on going, don’t forget your lederhosen.


What!? 10.000 Euros for not having sex

Married 21 years. A hell of an accomplishment. That must be a lot of hot nights with passionate lovemaking. Not for a certain French couple from Nice. Wife Monique has sued her 51-year-old husband Jean-Louis for not having sex with her. By French law married couples should live a common life and that includes regular sex according to a judge. So based on article 215 of the French civil code the judge ruled the husband has to pay 10.000 Euros (NZD$16.771) in damages. Poor Jean-Louis tried pleading his case saying he had health issues and was exhausted from work, but nothing helped. Maybe he should have said he was supporting the All Blacks the Telecom way.

German DIY torture chamber

Do you ever go to the local pub dressed in a Nazi outfit? Do you never smile? Have you sealed off your windows with baking baker and cling wrap and added some criss-crossed barbed wire just in case? Are you a virgin? Do you have a hand grenade and a Walther pistol lying around? Have you practiced how to torture a woman by using scalpels, needles and syringes on a mannequin? Do you have a soundproofed telephone box in the middle of your apartment, completely rigged with eight bombs designed to detonate when you are finished with your victim? If you think like this you may be family of the 30-year-old sexkidnapper Thomas Fischer from Hamburg and we wouldn’t want a 26-year-old Israeli women anywhere near you. Sicko.

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