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An inconvenient truth

Mister climate moralist is on a visit in The Netherlands. One of the countries to be hardest hit by pending rising sea levels. The University of Groningen paid top dollar to get this man to speech about dying forests and melting ice caps. Mister Al Gore himself arrived in a big fat fuel guzzler called a Jaguar XJ V8. A little bit hypocrite considering his talk material. Doesn’t matter, that is how he roles and what keeps his fat tummy happy. Way to set an example, Climatehoaxer.


Kiwi universities in shambles

Universities in New Zealand have no hope. Brain draining from our shores will continue. If you see a glimpse of an economy based on knowledge let us know. Did the universities start their demise themselves by increasing fees and cutting down on facilities. Now it’s the places our unis take on the annual QS World University rankings that show just how bad our students are doing. A shocking drop from our highest contender, Auckland university, from spot 68 to 82. But at least its still in the top 100. University of Otago is the only institution to climb a bit, but still far from entering in the elite regions. They gained five places to 130. Canterbury got the honor of position 212 and Victoria got to 237. The explanation given is the lack of investment in the sector. Who needs smart people anyway. Dumb citizens are easier to control the Government must think. Although New Zealand has low tuition fees compared to the Western world it also means low investment per student. According to Canterbury Uni Vice-Chancellor Rod Carr in The Press: ‘In the end you get what you pay for’. Smart people moving overseas, leaving the lazy idiots behind.

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