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WTF! Cage fighting kids in England

The riots were just the beginning. The summers of fighting on the Spanish Islands is just the top of the iceberg. The football hooligans are just part of the problem. Mainland Europe claimed to be the ones that pushed that island full of see through whites with redheads away from the rest, but they now must regret not pushing them further. The fat English scum is everywhere. On their own little piece of paradise it is no better. The next set of riots that are bound to happen will see the country return to the dark ages. It will see the same young kids, of around eight years old!!!, take to the streets to show their moves. The moves that they learned because of their parents on the dole. We take Preston in Lancashire. 50% of the children live under the welfare standard and these are about 86% white families. Since the parents have no job to go to, they’re flatscreen tv’s have nothing new to offer and they already had sex with everyone on their block, they found a new past time. A past time that apparently passed their low level ethical standards. They get their eight year old kids to cage fight. And as if we are talking about a big Las Vegas pay-per-view fight, the action can be followed online. That is one morally screwed up society over there.


Parents smack your kids

British Lib Dem MP John Hemming is urging PM Cameron to allow parents ‘to smack children’. He says the state interference is damaging family discipline. Since New Zealand has the same kind of rules against child discipline we should listen to Hemming. How can we avoid our society slipping as low as the Brits. Parental authority has been undermined by years of legislation including confusion over smacking children. The riots proved discipline had broken down. Correctly smacking your kids rarely does any long-term harm. The only harm to the child and society is done by letting that child grow up in an undisciplined manner.

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