R.I.P. Steve Jobs

“We are deeply saddened by the news that Steve Jobs passed away. Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Our hearts go out to his wife and children and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.” – Apple

Sieg Heil, Mein Sheikh

The revolution in Egypt is coming to an end. The democratic process is running at full speed towards reforms. And reforms can’t be accomplished without an explosion of new political parties. What kind of parties are we talking about? How about the Egyptian Nazi Party. Interview with the founders HERE. The presenter does a little Heil Hitler for us too. Nothing to worry about though. They are only adopting the positive aspects of the Nazi Party. Yes it has positive aspects. Like “The supremacy of the Egyptian race. That’s our number one goal”, or “I am not hostile towards all the Jews. I am hostile towards the Zionist entity” and of course “We want to build an Egyptian nuclear reactor”. A slight preference for the pure Egyptian race, but no trains filled with second class citizens heading to the Pyramid extermination camps. The Jews are safe as long as the Arab people rule the world. The nuclear reactor will not power gas tombs but will only light up the illuminated swastika hieroglyphics. The noble Egyptian breed will be graced with a people’s camel to pack the wide concrete highways the party wants to introduce. HERE some excerpts from the Dream1 TV talk show.

An inconvenient truth

Mister climate moralist is on a visit in The Netherlands. One of the countries to be hardest hit by pending rising sea levels. The University of Groningen paid top dollar to get this man to speech about dying forests and melting ice caps. Mister Al Gore himself arrived in a big fat fuel guzzler called a Jaguar XJ V8. A little bit hypocrite considering his talk material. Doesn’t matter, that is how he roles and what keeps his fat tummy happy. Way to set an example, Climatehoaxer.

PICA of the Week

Just a pic that showed up this week. Shown by the attorney of Jackson during the court case against physician Conray Murray (salary $ 150,000 per month). The King of Pop dead on a hospital bed. R.I.P. Michael. LIVESTREAM when court in session.

War coming to Dunedin streets

They have never really liked each other. Mongrel Mob and Black Power. Violence is often their way of dealing with disputes. Block off the Pine Hill area of Dunedin, better have the AOS on constant stand-by, call back our Special Forces from Afghanistan. We will on need them to control these party groups from getting into things even more. A gang shooting between these two groups has one man in hospital with a gun shot wound to the arm. Members of the Mongrel Mob and Black Power started fighting in Allenby Avenue. The victim is a 43-year-old man. Isn’t that supposed be an age when a man is grown up and wise. Let your little boy traits go and see how lame it is to be proud of a patch. Dunedin police are looking for the man above for involvement in the shooting where possibly several shots were fired from a hand gun or .22 rifle. The hero is 19-year-old Dylan Jordan Hill. Hill is described as being of medium build with black hair, and approximately 174cm tall. He has a distinctive bull-dog tattoo on the left side of his face. There is a warrant out for his arrest. As you will understand from the situation Hill has a bit of a temper and should not be approached. Eight people are already arrested and they will appear in the Dunedin District Court. Channel9.

WTF! Cage fighting kids in England

The riots were just the beginning. The summers of fighting on the Spanish Islands is just the top of the iceberg. The football hooligans are just part of the problem. Mainland Europe claimed to be the ones that pushed that island full of see through whites with redheads away from the rest, but they now must regret not pushing them further. The fat English scum is everywhere. On their own little piece of paradise it is no better. The next set of riots that are bound to happen will see the country return to the dark ages. It will see the same young kids, of around eight years old!!!, take to the streets to show their moves. The moves that they learned because of their parents on the dole. We take Preston in Lancashire. 50% of the children live under the welfare standard and these are about 86% white families. Since the parents have no job to go to, they’re flatscreen tv’s have nothing new to offer and they already had sex with everyone on their block, they found a new past time. A past time that apparently passed their low level ethical standards. They get their eight year old kids to cage fight. And as if we are talking about a big Las Vegas pay-per-view fight, the action can be followed online. That is one morally screwed up society over there.

MISSING – Family desperate for news about missing man

David Hill

Police press release, September 21, 2011, 10:27 am

The family of a man missing for more than a week are desperate for information that might help find him. David Hill, 35, from Whanganui, has been missing since last Tuesday (13 September) and although Police do not believe his disappearance is suspicious, they are growing increasingly concerned for his welfare. David is married with three children aged 10, six and one. It is believed he left his home in Castlecliff with his mountain bike on early Tuesday afternoon and no-one has seen or heard from him since. Police have made various enquiries and carried out searches in the area where he was last seen. Family have also organised aerial searches of the Whanganui area and friends have rallied round to help find David. Senior Sergeant Lance Kennedy said: “The difficulty we face is not having a specific area to focus on as we have received no confirmed sightings of David. Our only starting point has been the immediate area where he lives; beyond that we just don’t know where he headed. We do hold grave fears for his safety but we’re not looking for anyone else in connection with his disappearance.” David’s father Vern Hill said: “We’re desperate for information, it’s a very worrying time, sleepless nights; we just need one lead. It’s sleepless nights that get you, you wake up every five minutes and it’s there again. He would always keep in touch with us. He absolutely adores his kids.” Mr Hill says that he son has suffered some depression in the past but it is not known if that has led to his disappearance, or whether he has gone for a ride and had an accident. Mr Hill is described as Caucasian, of slim/athletic build, 189cm tall with short blond hair. It is believed he would have been wearing a blue polo shirt, black parka, a dark cycle helmet and carrying a small black backpack when he went missing. His Milazo mountain bike is half yellow at the front and half black at the back. Anyone with information about David Hill or his whereabouts is asked to contact Whanganui Police on 06 349 0600.

Oktoberfest! Toll!

One of the best parties of the year. Who doesn’t wanna join thousands of fat stinky Germans on endless rows of benches while guzzling down beer mug after beer mug at 20 euros a piece. Sounds great doesn’t it. THIS is what it looked like last year. There is even an official website to this booze fest. Luckily there is also a website that collects the dark, back, secret side of the Oktoberfest. Sweet peeing girls, passed out binge drinkers, wet pants, fights, cleavages of all kinds and people having sex in open fields. Have fun everyone there. And everyone who hasn’t been put off by these pics and is still planning on going, don’t forget your lederhosen.

Ultimate diving machine

It looks like something you would make fun of your neighbor for if he had it on the back of his trailer. Your wife would ask you what pretentious man-child buys a boat shaped like a shark. If you knew what it could do, you would be that man. She will change her tune ones she sees you at the lake and watched you pulling 80km/h barrel rolls, then diving under the surface and launching the thing 3.6 meters into the air like some sort of evil mechanical dolphin. That should get her juices flowing. And yours. We got Seabreacher J, Y and X. 155, 255 or 250 supercharged horsepower. These mean machines are designed by the kiwi’s Rob Innes and Dan Piazza from Innespace Productions. Your order will be custom made and will set you back at least NZ$110,000 . Small price to pay to reclaim your youth. So far Kiwisimplexity promotions.

Muslim girls wanna show off legs

Latest Slut demo. Jakarta. The biggest Muslim country in the world. Not the country where you expect to see slogans like: “Don’t Tell Us How to Dress, But Tell Them Not to Rape” and “My Mini Skirt, My Right, Foke You”. About 50 women against strict clothing rules and the right to parade around in mini skirts to show off bare legs. This protest wasn’t a reaction to the Canadian cop, but to Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo’s recent statement blaming women’s clothing for sparking sexual assault. Bowo has apologized but the Alliance of Women Rejecting Rape wanted to take a stance. We have seen several Slutwalks around New Zealand, but almost as much protests promoting the burqa. Two extremes. Which do you support?

Sunday relaxation with The Weekend Press cartoon

You deserve some relaxation on this fine Sunday afternoon. Wales just beat Samoa 17-10 and England will take on Georgia in Otago Stadium in half an hour. The Weekend Press featured this cartoon on the escapades of England rugby player Mike Tindall. CCTV footage was released of Tindall, married to the Queen’s granddaughter, getting close with a blond. No fuss. The blond is an old friend and the bouncer who released the film has been charged. Just have a look at the video and narration by security guard Jonathan Dixon, HERE.

Crashes cost Otago $219.5m

The newest roaddeadies are in. Well the figures to road related deaths. Check them out for your own region HERE, courtesy of NZTA. Looking at Otago the numbers are down. Fewer crashes and fewer deaths and injured compared to 2009.  2071 crashes with 692 of those causing injury. 19 people got their name published in the paper under the obituaries. Most accidents happen on rural roads and unfortunately some risk groups cause more death and destruction on the roads then others. Like we all knew it’s the young drivers who are most at fault. Pimped up cars don’t seem to increase road safety. So our know cannon meat is mostly introduced to trees on the side of the road because of poor handling of vehicles and horrible judgement, including not checking properly. Surprisingly contrary to what the police want us to believe alcohol was only a great concern among the Central Otago region. Speeding was also only mentioned as a big cause of crashes in one region, Clutha. Clutha was also the only region which saw the total number of crashes increase compared to 2009. How much does all this bumping uglies on the road coast us? The ODT has a calculation that the estimated social costs including loss of life or quality of life, lowered output due to injuries, medical and rehabilitation costs, legal and court costs, and property damage amount to a total of $219.5 millions for the Otago region. What to do? What to do indeed. Studies have shown that the removal of traffic signs can provide a great improvement in road safety. No signage or striping gives the idea of chaos. But that is just what we need, because chaos = cooperation. Cooperation = less accidents.

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