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Muslim girls wanna show off legs

Latest Slut demo. Jakarta. The biggest Muslim country in the world. Not the country where you expect to see slogans like: “Don’t Tell Us How to Dress, But Tell Them Not to Rape” and “My Mini Skirt, My Right, Foke You”. About 50 women against strict clothing rules and the right to parade around in mini skirts to show off bare legs. This protest wasn’t a reaction to the Canadian cop, but to Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo’s recent statement blaming women’s clothing for sparking sexual assault. Bowo has apologized but the Alliance of Women Rejecting Rape wanted to take a stance. We have seen several Slutwalks around New Zealand, but almost as much protests promoting the burqa. Two extremes. Which do you support?


Road rage saga continues

The players in an Auckland road rage incident have spoken. Recap HERE. John key still hasn’t come up with a decent reply, but the National MP in question, Tau Henare, has spoken out. He seems to go for the insanity defense. Not his own insanity, but that of the ‘victim’, Cicelia Holliday. Henare claims he changed lanes and did indicate while doing so. After Holliday honked he threw his hands in the air and not give her the finger. And at the traffic light he was merely asking her ‘What happened to common courtesy?’. All very innocent. Stand up representative you could say. Holliday has also clarified a few things, see her comment under HERE or HERE. She ends with an apology about tooting her horn. Holliday is seen by some as a serial whinger and Henare can be seen as a serial Twitter misfit. Follow his new antics on his Twitter or Facebook. Either way it isn’t great publicity for someone very much wanting to climb back up the political ladder. And like miss Holliday said, ‘the people of NZ are upstanding citizens who deserve better treatment from elected politicians’ and ‘people in leadership (like parents and politicians) are in positions of service to the people they lead, and should also set good examples’.

Real Sports! The Rugby World Cup 2011

Soccer is for pussies. Tennis is for Russian girls. And cricket belongs on the Asian continent. No real men play rugby. And if they can’t make in the black jersey they watch this manly sport. You understand we are not talking about the kiddy sport American football what those wussies play over in the States. The World Cup is going off tonight and will last for almost 2 months. That’s not because there are so many countries but because half of the teams need medical attention and doctors rest after every game. The All Blacks kick off at 8.30pm against Tonga in the opening match on their way to dethrone the Springboks. The English fans are on their way to Dunedin to try and rid the town of that nasty liquid called alcohol. But unlike with the football it hardly turns into trouble. Their opening is against Argentina at Otago Stadium. Furniture might be banned from the World Cup stadiums, but grab a scrumpy and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Kick the wife next door to play with the neighbourhood kids. The opening game is live on Sky and on TVOne, MaoriTV and Te Reo. Go All Blacks!

Update: A powerful New Zealand kicked off Rugby World Cup 2011 by smashing Pool A opponents Tonga, 41-10.

Police see no reason to apologize

We would like to take you back to Monday, 15 October 2007, the Ruatoki Valley in the eastern Bay of Plenty. Around 300 police, including AOS and anti-terror squads, raided an alleged paramilitary training camp. 17 people were arrested and 16 of them were charged with firearms offenses. This of course because a total of 4 guns and 230 rounds of ammo were found. Operation 8. A lot of controversy followed and the police were accused of fabricating evidence and information being leaked. All in all the cases went from High Court to the Court of Appeal and last week the Supreme Court wiped most of the evidence off the table. Judging that they were inadmissible in court. Leaves four individuals still facing charges. Now of course it’s the ‘wrongly’ accused that are speaking up. We want justice. We want apologies. And if you don’t mind we would like a big fat check to go with it. Today Police Commissioner Peter Marshall followed John Keys example and replied giving those whinny babies the finger. No apologies and the police actions were rightfully undertaken. Own fault if you live like a hippie in the Urewera mountains and give people to believe you’re planning an IRA style war on New Zealand. We’ll have none of that.

Kiwi universities in shambles

Universities in New Zealand have no hope. Brain draining from our shores will continue. If you see a glimpse of an economy based on knowledge let us know. Did the universities start their demise themselves by increasing fees and cutting down on facilities. Now it’s the places our unis take on the annual QS World University rankings that show just how bad our students are doing. A shocking drop from our highest contender, Auckland university, from spot 68 to 82. But at least its still in the top 100. University of Otago is the only institution to climb a bit, but still far from entering in the elite regions. They gained five places to 130. Canterbury got the honor of position 212 and Victoria got to 237. The explanation given is the lack of investment in the sector. Who needs smart people anyway. Dumb citizens are easier to control the Government must think. Although New Zealand has low tuition fees compared to the Western world it also means low investment per student. According to Canterbury Uni Vice-Chancellor Rod Carr in The Press: ‘In the end you get what you pay for’. Smart people moving overseas, leaving the lazy idiots behind.

Cool! Robbing disabled 71-year-old

Good morning New Zealand. It is Sunday and time for another sad story. Sorry, but it seems this is what the world has come to. 71-year-old amputee robbed of mobility scooter and $1400 in cash by a group of four girls in their late teens. You girls get your asses to the Waikato Police. The Hamilton pensioner explained that one of the girls befriended him a while ago and started doing odd jobs around his house. She said she had been kicked out of her home. She started bringing friends around and the vulnerable member of society paid for lunches etc. The girls gained the man’s pin number by looking over his shoulder at a checkout and stole his eftpos card later on. They then took $1400 from his cheque account last Friday. Oh and they found the need to take his mobility scooter which has since been recovered. Police are currently investigation several people who live in close proximity to the victim. We just want to ask them, where is the honour in stealing from an old man who only showed goodwill?

New Zealanders have ‘socialist streak’

You are all a bunch of socialists. That is according to John Key and released in a diplomatic cable on Wikileaks. Our approachable PM was talking to Charge d’Affaire Glyn Davies in 2007 when he made the comment. This socialist view of the kiwi people is the reason National can’t implement conservative policies. Have to keep the people happy or at least make them believe you are on their side. Key cleared up his comment today saying it was about the caring nature of kiwis. The Yankees were positive about our PM in their cables calling him a natural politician. Also Winston Peters got some praise as he proved his worth in his role as Foreign Affairs Minister in 2008. But our allies on the other side of the Atlantic did see him as the man he is. A ‘quick-to-anger and bombastic performer; and an enthusiastic baiter of the media’.

All Blacks to take the cup

Let the Rugby World Cup begin. In other words let us announce Graham Henry’s All Blacks squad. He has released the names for the guys he hopes will do the job next month. So find out which of your favs will have to, just like you, watch the games at home on their flatscreen tv. With 1,133 test caps it is the most experienced All Blacks group ever assembled.

Forwards: John Afoa, Anthony Boric, Corey Flynn, Ben Franks, Owen Franks, Andrew Hore, Jerome Kaino, Richie McCaw (capt), Keven Mealamu, Kieran Read, Adam Thomson, Brad Thorn, Victor Vito, Sam Whitelock, Ali Williams, Tony Woodcock.

Backs: Daniel Carter, Jimmy Cowan, Israel Dagg, Andy Ellis, Zac Guildford, Cory Jane, Richard Kahui, Mils Muliaina, Ma’a Nonu, Colin Slade, Conrad Smith, Isaia Toeava, Piri Weepu, Sonny Bill Williams.

Social-apologists should be ashamed

We can always rely on the Sensible Sentencing Trust to explain crime levels, dealing with crime and the reasons behind it. Spokesman Garth McVicar even had something to say about what fuelled the London riots. The liberal social welfare system is turning unwanted, unloved and undisciplined children into feral hoodlums according to McVicar. This unbridled social welfare causes riots and is destroying much of the western world. Throwing money at these burdens of society will only feed and spread the disease. Social-apologists are to blame for the writhing cesspool of inhumanity. He warns New Zealand that, like in the UK, kids breeding kids, dysfunctional families and no way for parents to discipline their children, can create the lawlessness on the streets we have seen. McVicar ends: “The social-apologists should be ashamed of themselves.” Damn right.

Nationals ‘radical overhaul’ plan

Get off your ass and work. Stop playing Xbox and get to school. No more alcohol for you, here is a food stamp. Maybe it was the London riots, we don’t know. But National has presented their plans on welfare benefits and to get youths reconnected with effective training programmes. The problems they want to counter are the between 8500 and 13,500 16-17 year old not in school or a job, and the 90% of them going onto a benefit when they turn 18. A good start is taking money we give them out of their greedy little hands. National wants to pay their essential bills directly and only give them a payment card for food and clothing. No more alcohol and cigarettes or LCD flatscreen for you. Teenage mothers need to get back into training to find a job as quick as possible. This is not appreciated by Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei, as she told The Press. No we need breastfeeding and maternal bonding. Sole parents need support and encouragement. Encouragement is the reason we have these problems to begin with. How about not getting pregnant before you have a solid education? Take those benefits away and use it only on those who need it and deserve it. Unfortunately the plans were only announced by PM Key at the annual conference of the Nationals and we will only have to see if they can turn it into real policy.

Politicians don’t care about justice

The trust Sensible Sentencing has surveyed 1000 New Zealanders on things like sentencing, crime levels and recording DNA. The predictable results: 73% thought violent crime sentencing was too short and 61% saw the youth offenders punishments as too soft, 71% thinks DNA samples should be taken from anyone arrested and 65% thinks that violent crime is on the increase. The survey was also sent to our 120 MPs. Sure the people who are part of the law making process would have something to say about this. Sure they would want to show the public their view on justice. Sure they would care. Only 4 MPs bothered to reply. Three National and one Act MP. Labour has a caucus-wide ban on surveys from lobby groups, the Greens decided individually not to respond, Sole United Future MP Peter Dunne declined because he couldn’t respond anonymously and the Maori Party had no explanation. Only good reason not to participate was for Mana Party leader Hone Harawira as he was not in parliament when the survey was sent out. The trust founder Garth McVicar said it was ‘pathetic’ and that politicians were ‘dragging the chain’. It just shows why we don’t trust and appreciate the legal system.

Take off face veils

Everyone has had time to make up their mind about the Muslim veils. The burqa is ugly, dangerous fundamentalist wear and degrading. Or nice and warm, a great new fashion trend, did we say warm? It is always good to hear a voice out of the Muslim community itself. We introduce to you Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Smart guy currently visiting New Zealand with a message about anti-extremism and tolerance. How nice. He has had some good things to say in the past. He issued a fatwa against terrorism and suicide bombing. What does the Doctor, and professor of Islamic law, have to say in the current burqa debate? “For women living here, it’s not a Koranic obligation. They should follow the law of the land” Tahir-ul-Qadri told the Sunday Star-Times. Is it really always a free choice of the women involved? Regina Rasheed said it was a personal choice and it should be respected. Tahir-ul-Qadri stated that face-veils were used in the Muslim world where women were harassed and felt uneasy. “Women [in New Zealand] do not feel uneasy.” It appears this debate has surfaced because the New Zealand community is starting to feel uneasy. Does that count for anything? It will be a long time before the end of the discussion, but in the meantime we have a trendy modern Burqa hair pin. A way of tackeling all the problems. On the front a modern women (whore), and on the back a Muslim sister (suppressed victim). Problem solved. Now get on the bus and drive.

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