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WTF! Cage fighting kids in England

The riots were just the beginning. The summers of fighting on the Spanish Islands is just the top of the iceberg. The football hooligans are just part of the problem. Mainland Europe claimed to be the ones that pushed that island full of see through whites with redheads away from the rest, but they now must regret not pushing them further. The fat English scum is everywhere. On their own little piece of paradise it is no better. The next set of riots that are bound to happen will see the country return to the dark ages. It will see the same young kids, of around eight years old!!!, take to the streets to show their moves. The moves that they learned because of their parents on the dole. We take Preston in Lancashire. 50% of the children live under the welfare standard and these are about 86% white families. Since the parents have no job to go to, they’re flatscreen tv’s have nothing new to offer and they already had sex with everyone on their block, they found a new past time. A past time that apparently passed their low level ethical standards. They get their eight year old kids to cage fight. And as if we are talking about a big Las Vegas pay-per-view fight, the action can be followed online. That is one morally screwed up society over there.


Sunday relaxation with The Weekend Press cartoon

You deserve some relaxation on this fine Sunday afternoon. Wales just beat Samoa 17-10 and England will take on Georgia in Otago Stadium in half an hour. The Weekend Press featured this cartoon on the escapades of England rugby player Mike Tindall. CCTV footage was released of Tindall, married to the Queen’s granddaughter, getting close with a blond. No fuss. The blond is an old friend and the bouncer who released the film has been charged. Just have a look at the video and narration by security guard Jonathan Dixon, HERE.

Real Sports! The Rugby World Cup 2011

Soccer is for pussies. Tennis is for Russian girls. And cricket belongs on the Asian continent. No real men play rugby. And if they can’t make in the black jersey they watch this manly sport. You understand we are not talking about the kiddy sport American football what those wussies play over in the States. The World Cup is going off tonight and will last for almost 2 months. That’s not because there are so many countries but because half of the teams need medical attention and doctors rest after every game. The All Blacks kick off at 8.30pm against Tonga in the opening match on their way to dethrone the Springboks. The English fans are on their way to Dunedin to try and rid the town of that nasty liquid called alcohol. But unlike with the football it hardly turns into trouble. Their opening is against Argentina at Otago Stadium. Furniture might be banned from the World Cup stadiums, but grab a scrumpy and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Kick the wife next door to play with the neighbourhood kids. The opening game is live on Sky and on TVOne, MaoriTV and Te Reo. Go All Blacks!

Update: A powerful New Zealand kicked off Rugby World Cup 2011 by smashing Pool A opponents Tonga, 41-10.

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